In lieu of level testing, this year we will be asking all participants to place themselves in an appropriate level. Please read the descriptions below and honestly asses where you fit best. If you have any question, please consult a trusted balboa instructor.

We will require "Level Checks" on Saturday morning before the start of classes to ensure that you are placed in the level that will most benefit your dancing. We reserve the right to switch your level if we if we believe you and the other TCBF participants would benefit from your participation in another level.

Level Descriptions


This level is designed for individuals who:

  • are brand new to Balboa and Bal-Swing;  OR
  • have taken some Balboa classes and have learned some of the basics;  OR
  • want to better understand the fundamentals and master the basics of Balboa (basic, breaktime, come-around, lollies, throwouts, popturns, out-and-ins/crossovers, transitions)


This level is designed for Balboa dancers who:

  • are comfortable with the basics of Balboa and Bal-Swing
  • want to brush up on and develop their basic Balboa and Bal-Swing movements (break turns, break timing, cross overs, lollies, throw outs, etc.) and get a better understanding of the connection within these movements. 
  • want to add variations to their basics, pure Balboa movements (new ad-lib steps!), and add more movements to their Bal-Swing repertoire.
  • can comfortably dance an entire song of balboa (without reverting to lindy hop or charleston) at faster tempos (170+ BPM)
  • want to master transitions between movements


This level is for Balboa dancers who:

  • have complete understanding of Balboa and Bal-Swing movements listed in Intermediate level above
  • can effortlessly blend all of the fundamental Balboa and Bal-Swing movements 
  • feel comfortable dancing with any partner on the social dance floor
  • can add their own styling and create movements in their dancing
  • are very comfortable, relaxed and in control dancing at fast tempos (200+ BPM)
  • have a good understanding of and are working to incorporate musicality within your dance
  • have taken balboa workshops and/or private lessons with multiple instructors
  • want to add texture, variations and movements as well as refine the aesthetics in their dancing