Robert Bell’s Hot Swing Combo

The Hot Swing Combo was created for the sole purpose of providing dancers the opportunity to be as expressive, creative and innovative as possible while dancing to a group of less than 8 musicians. Big Bands with their excellent arrangements and strength in numbers were/are an obvious choice for dancers. But what if a smaller swing combo, able to incorporate multiple genres including hot Gypsy jazz and sexy Cabaret vocal stylings, could offer dancers varying tempos, inspiring solos, and an endless supply of energy combined with some non-jazz material that shouldn’t work?

The musicians in the combo are the real deal. Previous performances include Midwest Lindyfest 2005-2007, Washington DC Lindy Exchange 2007, Cowtown Jamborama 2007, Hawkeye Swing Festival 2008, Twin Cities Rhythm and Jazz Revival 2008 and of course the birthplace for the group - Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2004-2008. Some of the finest musicians in the Twin Cities are seen with the HSC, including members from the Twin Cities Hot Club and the Southside Aces. This combination of musicians with their shared respect for tradition and need for innovation is spectacular.

"All of the live music kicked ass but the band on Friday was seriously the best band I've ever seen in my entire life." —DJ Ryan Swift
Listen to music samples on the Hot Swing Combo's MySpace page!

Head DJ - Kyle Smith  (Denver, CO)
    Hi, I'm Kyle Smith and I just got a new lens for my camera and boy, is it awesome. My dog is a crazy little runt that my wife and I are extremely happy to have. The next time you are in San Francisco, you have to visit Cafe Greco in North Beach, best coffee evar! But I digress. Have you ever seen Amadeus? Such a great flick.
    I have been passionate about swing music and dancing for the better part of 15 years now. Through these many years, I have experienced the dance community evolve and mature from the neo-swing revolution to big-band fervor to small group madness. Thankfully, most of us, have moved well beyond those neo-swing days and into original, classic swing…and are so much happier!
I have enjoyed the opportunity to be the head DJ at such prestigious events as the Eastern Balboa Championships in Raleigh, NC, All Balboa Weekend in Cleveland, OH, and Camp Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. I have also given lectures on the musicians of the Big Band era at several events, including Balboa on the Promenade in Nice, France, Northwest Balboa Fest, in Seattle, WA, Sacramento Jazz Festival in Sacramento, CA and Inspiration Weekend, in Irvine, CA.

Abigail Browning (Greensboro, NC)
Rigamarole…Pure Rigamarole. Aba loves swing music. As a trained classical pianist and lover of all genres of music, Abigail Browning has developed a sweet spot in her heart for Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, and the great big bands of the 20th century. Her motto is simple — “just play good music.” She enjoys feeling out the flow and energy of the dance floor and challenging her dancers with music that appeals to all styles of swing. You’ll see a smile on her face when she plays a hot tune that gets everybody jumpin’, and she has been known to start a jam or two. You’ll also see a smile on her face when you ask her to dance ;-D

more to come...